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27 Photos from Engineer's Day at the Soo Locks on June 29 & 30, 2000

NOTE: The photos in this gallery are in chronological (rather than alphabetical) order

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Thursday June 29:

American Mariner
- upbound in the Poe Lock approach
Lee A. Tregurtha - upbound waiting to enter the Poe Lock
Keizerborg - upbound entering the MacArthur Lock
Keizerborg - ready to leave the MacArthur Lock after being raised 21 feet
Keizerborg - at West Pier above the Soo Locks

Chief Shingwauk - Lock Tours Canada tour boat downbound in MacArthur Lock
CSL Niagara - upbound awaiting the Poe Lock
Federal Asahi - downbound in the lower St. Mary's River
Pintail - salt water vessel downbound at West Pier

Friday June 30 - Engineer's Day:

Poe Lock Approach - Engineer's Day is about to begin

Burns Harbor - first ship of the day is an upbound 1000-footer!
Burns Harbor - crowd looks on as she lines up for the Poe Lock
Burns Harbor - up close and personal :o)
Burns Harbor - Full length view in the Poe Lock (my friend Wally in the foreground)
Burns Harbor - leaving the Poe Lock boiling in her wake
My friend Wally & me - that's me in the yellow "Boatnerd" shirt

Chios Charity - upbound at Mission Point
Reserve - upbound at Mission Point
Reserve - upbound past Mission Point (stern view)
Atlantis Spirit - upbound at Mission Point
Soo Sheriff Boat - upbound at Mission Point

Algomarine - upbound at Mission Point
Fred R. White - "Fast Freddie" downdound at Mission Point
Fred R. White meets Oakglen - passing below Mission Point
Oakglen - classic straight-decker upbound at Mission Point
Sugar Islander II - operates year around between Mission Point and Sugar Island
John G. Munson - last ship for this trip downbound at West Pier