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A collection of Postal Covers depicting events in the history of some of the USCG and USN ships built at Marinette Marine

The following slideshow depicts a series of specially printed Postal Covers (envelopes) with dated cancellations from the day of the event in the life of the ships. The covers are printed by Mr. Rich Hoffner of Universal Ship Cancellation Society and shown here with his permission. Mr. Hoffner describes his work this way, "They are a "labor of love" I served in the Coast Guard and collect any Coast Guard covers I can find. My earliest goes back to 1885, an envelope and report of a loss of a commercial ship, from the U S Life Saving Station in East Orleans MA. I do the printing of the current USCG event covers on an old Kelsey letterpress. It's the "old" way to print. No linotype or offset or computers like is used today. Set the type by hand, get cuts made in Michigan and it's all done by hand."

You can see more of these Postal Covers at: the Universal Ship Cancellation Society website (Click on the "Covers by Members or Chapters" link on the left side of the page to see the covers).

Click Here to go to the slideshow.


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