Soo Trip June 1995
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Image to the right:

The gates of the MacArthur Lock open for our tour boat

What follows is a set of photos I took back in 1995. These photos are scanned from an old point-and-shoot 35mm camera, so the photo quality is not great; however, the trip takes us on a tour through the Soo Locks (sorry, in 1995 the Canadian Lock was out of service). Also included are a few shots of Sault Ste, Marie, MI and a few ship photos ... PLUS a few photos from Mackinac Island and Kitchitikipi (a 40-ft. deep spring in Michigan's Upper Peninsula).

25 (scanned) Photos from a June 1995 trip to (AND through) the Soo Locks, Mackinac Island, and Kitchitikipi (also known as "Big Springs") at Palms Book State Park near Thompson Michigan)

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Soo Locks:

U.S. Coast Guard Base at Sault Ste. Marie, MI - I believe this is the USCG Katmai Bay at the dock as we head for the Soo Locks
Soo Locks Approaches - The lower approaches to the MacArthur and Poe Locks (from the Lower St. Mary's River)
MacArthur Lock - The Lockmaster has directed our Tour Boat to the MacArthur Lock; the gates are open and waiting for us.
MacArthur Lock - We enter the lock. When the lock is closed and the boat secured, we will be raised 21 feet to the Lake Superior level.
MacArthur Lock - We are almost fully raised to the Lake Superior level.

MacArthur Lock - The upper gates open and we get ready to head out.
MacArthur Lock - We head out into the MacArthur Lock upper approach in the Upper St. Mary's River.
Algocape - We pass the ship that will use the lock next.
LT Argosy - We pass by a saltie (salt water vessel) in the Algoma Steel Mill slip.
LT Argosy - Stern view of the saltie and a look at the shoreside unloading cranes at Algoma Steel
Le Chene No. 1 - A 1961-built tanker at the Purvis Marine Dock(?) in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario ends our tour

Tower of History - A view of Sault Ste. Marie, MI from atop the 22-story building (looking west)
Valley Camp Museum Ship - When you turn onto this street, the bow of the ship stares you right in the face!
Elton Hoyt 2nd - Heading into the MacArthur Lock from the "Upper Pool"
Patterson - Downbound in the Poe Lock
Quebecois - Stern view of the ship departing the MacArthur Lock downbound

Mackinac Island:

Fort Mackinac - A fort on the island that was built by British soldiers during the American Revolutionary War - it would later figure prominently in the War of 1812
Horse and Carriage - This is how you tour the island because there are no motorized vehicles (except emergency vehicles) allowed on the island
Scenic Overview - A look at downtown Mackinac Island from above
Mackinac Bridge - A view of the bridge that links Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas

Kitchitikipi (Michigan's largest spring):

Big Spring - A view of the site from ground-level
Raft - The viewing raft that carries visitors out into the 200-ft.-wide spring ... you can clearly see the bottom 40-ft. below
Fish - German Brown Trout are clearly visible near the bottom of the spring from the raft 40-ft. above!
One People-Power (no horses) - This is how you move the raft across the spring (they have recently upgraded to a newer powered raft)
The Landing - Here is where we dock the raft AND end our trip ... Hope you enjoyed the tour!!


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